Helvetic: The ultimative cockpit experience

We were invited for a wedding in Frankfurt, Germany. Unfortunately train tickets were very expensive so that we decided to fly from Zurich. On our flight back my friend Marco was first officer on the flight and I had the chance to fly with him in the cockpit – unbelievable!

Ready for taxi! I could not believe what was happening and it was happening very fast. The expected flight time was 35 min! I wished it would have been longer – probably for the first time on a flight like this. Commands here and there, coordination with tower and ground staff, every single move was so amazing. It is really impressive how strangers work hand in hand just as they would know each other for years. Here a little video on out Zurich approach:

You wont believe what’s going on

Usually, before departure, I am waiting just as you do in the cabin. There is always the same story going on. Information about the flight, safety instructions, and so on. Well, it is very different in the cockpit. Especially, if the computer (yes an airplane is a huge computer) reports error messages (and it did on our flight: rudder went on standby). Since, I was told to keep conversations on a minimum during departure I was listening and watching how they started looking up the error message in manuals and discussing possible actions such as restarting the engine or move on with taxi. They decided to move on with the flight, which made me a little bit uncomfortable (just being honest). No worries! It was all save at any time. However, after further tests in Zurich this particular aircraft was not allowed to fly anymore and had to go to maintenance.


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