Etihad: Award winning business class

We had the chance to fly business from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi and then from Abu Dhabi to Zurich with Etihad. I will explain in this post on how we got the chance to fly so exclusively and also what our impressions were.

So many buttons, surfaces, and room to store things was simply overwhelming me. You really have no idea what to do and there is also a food & beverage manager who offers you a drink immediately after sitting down. I mean we had already plenty of drinks in the lounge and then there is more and more. You can literally do whatever you want. Tired? Get some sleep. Hungry? Order some food. Feel the need for entertainment? Turn on the TV, play games or have a chat with some other passengers while having a delicious drink from the bar. It was really like I wished that this flight would go so much further and take so much longer.

Is it worth it?

For that price ($600) totally! I am not sure though if I would pay the regular price for a business ticket, I mean at the end it’s just a flight, right? I would rather spend this money at my destination. Moreover, the service itself is not that special – to be honest. Also, maybe the staff got that we are not regular business class passengers (and yes, we might have taken the advantage of free drinks at the lounge and on the airplane). However, I recommend to try it if you get the chance and please enjoy that crazy port wine and the super tasty chocolate thing for me (you will kno when you fly).


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