Disposito – the Character Key

Having characters with single letters is confusing, and painful. I’m sorry.

But it’s important to make sure that you are able to project any part of people that you know into my protagonists. No one’s stories are ever important unless they have one of 2 qualities:

  1. Entertainment – no emotions evoked, why are you telling it?
  2. A lesson – most stories, fact, fiction – your history textbook and your assistant Gladys’ rant has a moral. Whether it’s relevant to you – entirely up to you.

P, Q, Y, J, B, N – my best friends, all females and all incredibly different.

P is a wildcard, an artistic, chaotic, nuclear energy that came to Earth with her existence just on steroids, never a dull moment. While she is an incredibly smart girl, she loses herself in her mind very often. Sometimes she gets trapped, and sometimes she simply gets a new mind. At some point, she must have accessed more of her mind than the average person, and she is now in a desperate chase to achieve it. Bradley Cooper in Limitless.

Q is a caricature of that girl in Piazza Venezia carrying her vespa helmet, hardly breaking 5 feet, bouncing on the balls of her feet angelically. And just so suddenly she’s yelling in your face, hot-headed and it’s her way or the highway and you still don’t know what triggered her. She feels intensely, and anything that occurs is a personal affront.

Y is Rapunzel, an adorable sheltered human being that you genuinely have no clue how she has lived in such a comfort-filled cocoon for so long. She’s in a continuous self-discovery, but a very quick self-discovery. Often enough the world could never go wrong, and when it does, it’s a saddening moment. While she can be the most organised, at times she’s the most innocent

J is the kindest person in the world. Kindest in the sense that she just wants people to succeed. She’s stubborn, but that keeps her sane, because people take advantage of her kindness too too much. I yell at her often for it. She’s got this understanding about what people like, and she does it incredibly. She’s not an “ass-kisser” nor is she a yes-man (sometimes she falls in it but not that often), she just has a greater understanding to being exactly the person that everyone enjoys, and she is, at her core.

B is just the definition of the modern term for “good vibes”. She is always down to do anything whenever. Somehow somewhere in all that good vibes-ness that she has naturally, she’s this inner Fortune-500 CEO that is developing projects that are changing the world. B also has this insane skill to be wanted. You can’t say that it’s one of those cataclysmic presences like P, but you know she’s there, and you know when she isn’t. Maybe at first you aren’t aware that you notice, like that imperceptible static in the air before rain

N is the CIA. Not because she actually is there (though if you told me so I would’ve believed you), but I don’t think any of us know anything really. We have a frame of the puzzle but there’s a hole to really knowing her. The question on everyone’s lips is “Who is N really?”

C & S are the veterans

C knows me since I first left home when I was 12. She grew with me and I grew with her, and we have never grown disproportionately. When C grows in one area, I grow in another, and vice versa. When we see each other, it’s like smelling home-cooking, familiar loving and saving.

S knows me since I was 7. S was created to be my mirror, and I his. When I went through something, S would go through it a year later. When S went through something, I would follow. S’ parents divorced after mine so I could help him, S’ father had a daughter 2 months before my father had a son. S has dealt with depression, so S helped me out of it. S has love for me that transcends normal love, and the same goes from me to him.

C & S are much like my left & right eye. Even if I don’t see them unless I look in the mirror, they will always be there.

X – an eclipse

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about him. You will have the pleasure of reading about him.


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