Berlin: It gets under your skin when cold war is within reach

Berlin impresses me over and over again. There are different reasons why. First, I feel that Berlin is a political left-oriented city. There is a movement against capitalism whereas the American “free world” literally liberated the city from suppression. Secondly, you can actually experience first-hand cold war history. Last but not least Berlin offers great bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Every time I land in Berlin I am surprised how retarded the airport is. It seems like you traveled back in time. Yet, Berlin is an international city with lack of international connections due to missing development. However, you get fast out of the airport and the bus takes you directly to Alexanderplatz. On this ride, you can already see multiple sightseeing sites. Besides the commonly known museums and sightseeing sites, I really recommend diving into the Berlin’s lifestyle. Check out little different events and you will get the unique and real Berlin experience.

Holzmarkt – Berlin’s Unique Urban Oasis

Such a venue I can highly recommend is Holzmarkt. Enjoy awesome street food, great drinks, and cool events in a beautifully built wooden village. If you don’t know what to drink, try Vodka Mate. You can find the drink there and in every other bar in Berlin. If you keep walking from Holzmarkt along the east side gallery you will pass a green (grass) area with two houseboats. Get a drink there it is affordable and offers a great variety of drinks.

Brunch, Kebab, and Schnitzel

No offense, but Berlin is the place to eat Kebab. You will find the best Kebabs in Berlin. Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab is very tasty and worth a visit. be aware that there is a waiting line (20-30 minutes) during eating times. When it comes to Brunch Distrikt Coffee is the right place to go. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey. Finally, German food has to be on your bucket list. There are lots of German restaurants, we tried Treffpunkt Berlin and it was very tasty! Try and enjoy the Schnitzel.

Visit a prison with an ex-prisoner

In my opinion, the most impressive sightseeing spot of Berlin. The former Stasi prison Hohenschönhausen Memorial is a reminder of what happened during the cold war in Berlin. You can get an exclusive tour of the prison and your guide is a former prisoner presenting its own story. You cannot get a more authentic experience.


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