Bangkok: Big city life in Thailand

Pure freedom for literally everybody in Bangkok. It’s not just the city you can do whatever you want, it is also the city you can afford most of it. I like living like a local and if you do that in Bangkok you can enjoy the big city life for a very small amount. Check out amazing food, crazy parties, and great shopping.

Thai people are lovely, they have a very warm attitude. I love the culture in Thailand and really think that we “westerns” could learn a lot from Thais. However, I do not recommend to stay longer than four days in Bangkok. The city is very dirty and you will feel that dirty too – pretty fast. There is no way to escape from the dirt and this makes me personally very tired and kind of constrained. This is what I would do in Bangkok (or I always do when I visit Bangkok).

Eat like a local

Look, the Yong Lee Restaurant might not look like the cleanest temple and yes you might need some luck to get out completely healthy since the standards are not super high (especially if you use their restroom you are going to understand what I mean). Howsoever, I eat pretty much every day there when I am in Bangkok and their noodle soup is awesome! Just try to order the noodle soup and nothing experimental else. Also, try to ignore the family who runs the restaurant. They are very functional and not super talkative, I always try to get a little smile from the mother sitting in the back and literally controlling everything – it is so entertaining to watch. By the way, if you have heart about the famous and original Bangkok Pad Thai, don’t go and wait for 30 minutes in line, it is not that special in my opinion.

Khao San Road

The famous street where every party begins is called Khao San Road. Start your evening there and crazy things are going to happen. The night turns in to a great and unforgettable happening. You can get super good food, lots of drinks and also great massage (the serious ones!) facilities there. It is pretty much a street with everything you need to have a great time. Moreover, I like the people there, it is not too crowded and also not so commercialized like other famous streets in Thailand.

Shopping and Street Food

I was often looking for the perfect market with a good offer for shopping, drinks, and street food. It took me a long time but I finally found the perfect marked. The market is called Train Night Market Ratchada and located on ratcadaphisek road, which can easily be reached by metro. Take the MRT_BLL to Tao Poon and get out at Thailand Cultural Centre then walk towards the shopping center Esplanade Ratchadapisek. The night market is just behind it. You can walk through the shopping center. Once you arrived you can get your hair cut, buy nice clothes, souvenirs, or just enjoy the delicious street food. Moreover, you can have drinks at the bars. There is everything you need for a night shopping and lifestyle experience.

Get your things tailored

There are so many tailors in Bangkok. I found George Tailor and I am really happy with it. I got a jacket, four shirts, and pants made in no time and for a fair price. Get in touch with me if you are uncertain about his offerings – usually very fair from my experience. Please give my best greetings if you are visiting the store, you might get a better price.

Classic brunch for mrzl travelz

Of course also in Bangkok, I need my vacation breakfast. Brekkie offers a great avocado toast. Check out Makai if you prefer acai bowls.

Getting around in Bangkok


Well, I think best is to use a mix of everything (taxi, tuk-tuk, motorbike, public transportation). Try to avoid travel during rush hours in order to beware jams everywhere. Bangkok has a lot of people living there and even more tourists. I am not sure if the city was built for that many people. So, if traffic is ok (meaning you travel counter-cyclical) you can get a taxi (insist on using the meter) or a tuk-tuk. The fastest way to get around is probably public transportation and then motorbike taxis for the last mile.


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